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A 23-cabin luxury cruise that takes you on an exquisite tour over the waters of the mighty Brahmaputra, one of the longest rivers in Asia, offering an incredible wildlife experience, lessons in the art of tea-picking and the opportunity to watch monks dance in tribute to Lord Vishnu at one of the largest river islands in the area and visit villages inhabited by Mishing tribesmen. On a clear day, guests can enjoy a view of the 6,500 metre-high snow-covered Himalayan mountains from the river. That is the essence of this cruise — delivering tranquillity and an adrenaline rush in equal measures.

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Our 23 luxury cabins include: 2 Suites 9 Superior cabins with balconies 12 Superior cabins without balconies


Our chefs prepare Indian and Continental dishes using locally sourced ingredients. All meals including tea and coffee are served in the main indoor dining restaurant. With advance notice, all dietary requirements can be catered for along with preferred alcoholic beverages.


All cabins incorporate satellite TV, a personal safe, a mini bar, an in-house telephone and attached bathrooms. All the cabins and the restaurant/lounge are centrally air-conditioned. Recreational facilities on board include: * A well-stocked library. * Various board games. * A swimming pool on the first deck. * A spa and a salon on the lower deck. * A sun deck. One passenger lift operates between the lower deck and the second deck. The sun deck is served by an external staircase. An on-board naturalist-cum-destination manager enriches the travel experience. Two excursion tenders ferry guests safely to and from the vessel under the supervision of a senior officer. All shore excursions are escorted. Local tribal dances are arranged in the evenings.


* 7 Nights Upstream Cruise: Guwahati to Jorhat * 7 Nights Downstream Cruise: Jorhat to Guwahati * 5 Nights Upstream Cruise: Silghat to Jorhat * 5 Nights Downstream Cruise: Jorhat to Silghat * 3 Nights Upstream Cruise: Guwahati to Silghat * 3 Nights Downstream Cruise: Silghat to Guwahati * 3 Nights Upstream Cruise: Jorhat to Bishwanath Ghat The cruises also include: * A visit to Kamakhya Temple, which is devoted to the eternal feminine — the goddess of desire whose name is Kama Khya or granter of desires. * A visit to Peacock Island, which is famous for the Umananda Temple and its highly endangered Golden Langur. * A village visit on the banks of the river. * A walk through a tea estate and a tea factory visit in Silghat. * A visit to the jute mill in Silghat. * Elephant, jeep and boat safaris in the Kaziranga National Park. * A visit to Bishwanath Ghat or the Weavers’ Village. * A cooking demonstration on board the cruise liner. * A visit to a Mishing tribal village. * A visit to Majuli Island, which is a microcosm of Assamese culture where various philosophies co-exist and thrive. * A visit to Sibsagar, the ancient city and capital of the Ahoms who came to these parts in the thirteenth century and ruled for over 600 years. The visit offers the opportunity to see important ruins maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India — the Shiva Dol (Shiva Temple), the Talatal Ghar or Kareng Ghar (Palace of the Ahom Kings) and the Rang Ghar (amphitheatre).

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