Stanmore Garden Bungalow


The theme for Stanmore Garden Bungalow is the Plantation Evolution and the nostalgia that surrounds it. It has a very spacious compound. The Bungalow has 6000 sq.ft of living area plus the kitchen and other service areas. From the Stanmore compound you can have a spectacular 360 degree view of the tea plantation and the surrounding hills. Yet another fantastic view is that of the amazing Grass Hills. The unending green hued tea garden becomes an eye soothing experience. Due to its long stretch, the tea greenery vanishes to infinity. 

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Stanmore has 4 spacious bedrooms with elegantly designed decors and functional fireplaces. It also has a superbly furnished living room, dining room and a fully fledged kitchen. In addition it has 5 single bedroom wooden chalets overlooking the magnificent grass hills and 2 double bedded wooden chalet suites overlooking the Injipara River. Another added attraction here is the plunge pool.


Meals served in Stanmore are the typical planters menu, which is a combination of both Continental & South Indian Cuisines. We have fixed buffet menu and may to order also.


We have a swimming pool treated with eco friendly cleanser. Wi-fi spot Mini Am-phi Theatre with fire pit for bonfire.


Trekking Bird watching/photography Tea factory visit Tea tasting Plantation walk Wildlife photography Picnic luncheon River bathing/riverside walk Sunset tea at exquisite sites Plantation walks. Our prescribed plantation walk is rather long. Just be mentally prepared for a long but exciting walk Trek along the peripheries of the reserve forest Cycling

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