Bardia Tourism Activities

Jungle safaris: Morning and evening jeep safaris, with guides can easily be booked through local travel operators and hotels to explore the deep interiors of these forests. The vehicles can take you to observation towers, from where you get a bird’s eye view of the park.

Elephant safaris: For those who prefer the good old ways of exploring the forests, an elephant safari is a must. You can step off the regular routes that vehicles take, and track wildlife through the thick of the jungles.

Boating and canoe rides: A boat cruise along the Karnali river is a perfect opportunity to spot gharials and mugger crocodiles and the endangered Gangetic dolphin is spotted in these the very upper reaches of the Ganges. Furthermore, elephant crossings and wildlife drinking beside the rivers are also common.

Jungle walks and bird watching: Half or full day walks guided walks from your lodge into the park is a real treat for many visitors. You'll do a lot of walking and hopefully some tiger tracking, but have regular breaks at watch towers and areas the guides know are good for spotting larger animals. Here you can see some of the rare bird species found in this park, and learn to track animals large and small; perfect for the keen naturalist.

Camping: It is possible to camp in the buffer zone forests and enjoy guided walking into the park from here. Enquire with your lodge provider.