Bloo Nimboo Voyages

Bloo Nimboo Voyages is a young DMC run by Indo-French owners Philip and Valerie, who passionately embraced a career in travelling and sharing experiences more than three decades ago. The DMC offers customised trips to destinations in the Indian sub-continent across India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Tibet and the Maldives.

With a specialisation in certain segments like brochure programmes or themed voyages, the DMC provides travel solutions for pilgrimages, wellness trips (Yoga-Ayurveda treatments, spas, etc.), culture and heritage trips, Corporate Social Responsibility events, honeymoons, beach stays, participation in local festivals, adventure trips, soft trekking, motorbiking trips, bicycle trips, slow tourism circuits, wildlife safaris, and much more. Bloo Nimboo operates through reputed on-site agents who guarantee authentic local experiences. Having years of experience working in Europe and the Middle East before, the owners ensure dedicated and quality services. They offer packages for all price ranges, and all types of travellers.

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Responsible Travel

Bloo Nimboo Voyages does their best to respect the environment, local cultures and communities during trips by informing agents abroad and their guests about the Do’s & Don’ts while travelling to the sub-continent. They promote ‘Green Properties’ and avoid any activities related to tourism using animals. The DMC is involved with various local NGOs and encourages guests to engage with them.