Contes Asia Pvt. Ltd.

At Contes Asia, every holiday is planned around the special interests and needs of their clients. From personalised trips through the length and breadth of India to curated travel experiences in Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal, Contes Asia has built quite the reputation in the travel industry in a short span of five years. The company has tour packages on offer for houseboat rides, bicycle trails, treks, jungle safaris, and majestic journeys on the ‘Palace-on-Wheels’, among several others.

While traditionally focussing on inbound tourism from Europe, Contes Asia offers exceptional itineraries in breath-taking locations across the continent. The company also enjoy special deals with leading hotel chains and heritage properties to ensure guests receive the care and service they desire and deserve.

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Responsible Travel

With shared responsibility, comes shared benefits. This is at the core of Contes Asia’s initiatives that aim to take the tourism industry along a sustainable path. With a clear understanding that the tourism industry is vital for the planet’s conservation, Contes Asia believes development of responsible tourism practices is a shared responsibility that will benefit all stakeholders in the tourism industry, including the tourists themselves. The company aims to present the right picture about a destination in a way that is respectful and mutually-beneficial to both the hosts and the guests. This leaves room for dialogue and benefits for all parties involved, including local communities involved in tourism.