Help Tourism Private Limited

We are a pioneer in responsible tourism in east and north-east India and have been operating wildlife holidays and expeditions, exploratory tours, birding holidays, safari trips, cultural and heritage tours, educational tours and volunteer-tourism, trekking expeditions, conservation-research-photography and documentary trips, custom-made signature trips (mostly for small groups) in some of the most critically important and less-travelled, protected areas and heritage sites in East Himalaya since 1991. Besides its own series of award-winning jungle camps in Sunderbans Tiger Reserve, Neora Valley National Park, Pakke Tiger Reserve and several eco lodges and wildlife lodges in various locations in the mountains and jungles, the organisation has its own infrastructure and offices and a team made up of some of the most qualified, experienced, passionate and dedicated guides and specialist trip leaders.

Help Tourism provides purposeful travel to natural areas to help the visitors understand their cultural and natural history. We link protected areas with people’s livelihoods through tourism to encourage conservation. Among our flagship initiatives are the Sunderbans Jungle Camp that aims to protect the fragile mangrove eco-system through model tourism, with lost cultural practices also being traced and revived for guests. The great Indian elephant safari takes place over 12 days and provides guests with a unique opportunity to see Arunachal Pradesh on elephant back and learn about the tribe that once won fame for taming wild elephants. For more details on our itineraries, contact us.

Responsible Travel

At Help Tourism, we believe that linking protected areas and heritage sites with people’s livelihoods, through responsible tourism, and giving ownership to local communities are the stepping stones to sustainability and conservation. To date, Help Tourism has been associated with 30 conservation and community-based tourism projects in the region and has partnered with more than 100 community groups.

The Parks and lodge accommodation we offer: