Purequest Adventures

At Purequest we are obsessed with planning exceptional safaris and hand-crafted tour itineraries. We are passionate about showing you a different face of India - be it a jungle, a bird sanctuary or any other off-beat locale. Our tailor-made journeys are exploratory in nature and offer true insight into rural India and its wilderness.

With an aim to market luxury safaris with utmost care and detailing, we have created an alliance called I.W.T.E (Indian Wildlife Travel Experts) with top lodges in the country. Members of this alliance work together to promote luxury safaris and bring to you some unique experiences not available otherwise. With in-house naturalists on board, all our safaris are accompanied by our own highly knowledgeable naturalists and park guides.  

Our quest is to help our guests discover a side of India that is not listed in any tourist brochures. Our bespoke experiences have not yet been explored before by mass tourism. We take you to the road less traveled, where homestays and farm-stays let you get familiar with Indian traditions, rituals, vibrant culture, and customs.

On our trips, you will learn traditional art forms that find expressions in unknown hinterlands and cultural festivals and events intrinsic to specific areas. We strongly believe in ‘slow travel’ in India with programs that are laidback, relaxed and offer flexibility to do your own thing.

Responsible Travel

We at Purequest Adventures - India are committed to environment-friendly, sustainable and responsible tourism practices. We carefully select the accommodation providers, especially in ecologically sensitive areas as per their sustainable practice track record. On our tours, we discourage the use of plastic and other non-biodegradable disposable items and minimize our solid waste generation to almost zero. In ecologically sensitive areas like National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, we reduce the number of safaris by providing alternative activities around the reserve and in villages. Less number of safaris not only reduces the negative impact on biodiversity of the park but simultaneously provide alternative activities that will help support the local communities. We encourage our guests to get involved and actively participate in conservation related activities by organising 'voluntours' at different times of the year in different parks and wildlife rescue centres. Also, an amount of the profit is given to the local wildlife conservation organisations as part of our CSR policy. Purequest provides financial support to various NGOs working in the field of wildlife conservation. Our effort to ban the use of plastic bottles for our guests who visit India has become a catalyst in saving the environment in the places we visit. For every guest we handle, we save around 30 bottles which is close to half a million bottles every year. As an alternate, we provide stainless-steel sippers that are filled by guests themselves using 20-litre bottles that are kept in the boot of the car/ coach.