Royal Expeditions

Royal Expeditions is a first class culture and nature travel specialist, founded in 1993 by the Princess of Jodhpur. We can help you navigate towards all the extraordinary creatures that define India’s wildlife and wilderness. From majestic tigers, elusive snow leopards, endangered asiatic lions, elephants and rhino's, joined with it's vivid and vibrant culture, traditions and historical experiences. Come and utilize our in-depth knowledge, local connections to the best guides and ecolodges, our flexible approach and deep rooted eco consciousness to outfit your bespoke tiger and wild

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Responsible Travel

Royal Expeditions are founder members of TOFT India. We are fully aware that the environment in our part of the world is fragile, undse pressure and many people are very poor. We care deeply about the local people and the environment and are committed to responsible tourism principles. We patronize locally owned and PUG certified ecolodges using local staff, employ local people and promoting local arts & crafts.