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Celebrate Wilderness!!!!!!!!!!!

Based in the heart of Incredible India, Stripes Holidays is your best choice for all wildlife and culture based tours to India. Be it spotting the striped big cat or bird watching, relaxing in the lap of nature or enjoying tribal culture, wildlife photography tours or just a family holiday in wilderness, we are here to make it all possible in the best and most sustainable way.

Wandering around in Indian wilderness, photographing free roaming wildlife, listening to the chiping of birds and rustling of leaves, sitting in the lap of old trees and at times just meditating near a water body, has been an experience which we wanted to share with everyone and with this vision was born Stripes Holidays.

We work with the best accommodations that respect their environment, bio-diversity, natives and their culture. We handpick these lodges that keep a perfect balance between sustainability and comfort. Wildlife photography expeditions and workshops, nature walks, tribal village visits, elephant safaris, jeep safaris, birding tours and much more are planned as per your requirement. We are here to provide our guests the best itineraries and services so that you may enjoy your holiday at its best.

We welcome you to visit India, the land of vibrant colours, customs, cultures, amazing wildlife and natural heritage with our unsurpassed hospitality, personal care and attention.

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Responsible Travel

STRIPES HOLIDAYS works with sustainable and responsible tourism as the guiding force behind its functioning. We operate with care to keep the impact on our natural heritage and bio-diversity to the minimum working with only the best green accommodations and service providers who are actively participating in conservation of bio-diversity and habitat. With help of NGOs who are active in conservation, a part of our income is used for the benefit of the local population and the destinations. We constantly work with tourists and the local population to create awareness on saving our wildlife and natural heritage.