Sustainable Tourism Management and Services

Sustainable Tourism Network -Management and Services- India is cohesive business and conservation B2B platform for Travelers- Hoteliers and service providers.

Selected as an exceptional eco inclusive enterprise by SEED Awards 2016 (United Nations Development Program, United Nations Environment Program). "Sustainable Living" wish to develop “Sustainable Tourism Network”, a platform to overcome various problems like travel management, sales &marketing, inventory management, human resource management, inquiry &booking management etc. as our services.

We also intend to provide our clientele with some of their best life-time experiences and ventures with expanding horizons of wider range of options and diverse geography.  So far, nature has given us a lot, and we wish everyone to experience-explore the best out of it with responsibility.

Be it wildlife, adventure, agri or eco-tourism. Be it forests, mountains, rivers, beaches or waterfalls. We wish to inculcate all these in our tour itinerary - a collection of world class undisclosed, undiscovered, mystifying tourism destinations to unfold the untold mysteries.

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Responsible Travel

Sustainable tourism network (Management & Services) will try to solve major issues in travel industry as well provide diverse pool of knowledge &necessary resources to implement development programs. We invite you to join our community of Sustainable Living Practitioners not only towards nature conservation but also to save money and time as well as work for nature sustainability through its restoration, as we will be investing most of our profits from our business revenues towards sustainable development programs of “Sustainable India Mission”. For more details Kindly visit: ;

The Parks and lodge accommodation we offer: