Tiger Trails By Anthony

Our Philosophy
We are here to educate wildlife travellers, through experience, the interdependence between man and nature, and how coexistence is not only possible but can be a thriving phenomenon.

We offer tailor-made experiences of the wild in its most natural and raw form so that people can experience the rich diversity of the jungles and its inhabitants, including the world's most loved and elusive one - the Royal Bengal Tiger. Furthermore, we offer local culinary workshops, village walks, local handicrafts immersion, folk musical evenings, and expert photography sessions for an enriching experience to the destination. Afterall, the local surroundings and environment feed into the entire experience and complete orientation for the traveller. 

About Anthony
Ever since he can remember, the jungle has always made Anthony feel at home. The solace the time in the jungle offered him was something that cannot be expressed in mere words but needs to be experienced to understand. He has been visiting the jungles across India for over 16 years and each visit has been a rejuvenating experience. Over the years, he has developed an inimitable relationship with the forests and the people who run the show in the form of travel infrastructure and support. These resilient relationships have always encouraged him to return with those who want to whet their love of the wildlife. 

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Responsible Travel

Tiger Trails by Anthony supports responsible travel in the wildlife regions of India by spreading awareness about conservation, encouraging people to participate and driving sustainable tourism with curated, low impact trips that help the local population around the jungles.