Wander Globe Inc.

Wander Globe is an inbound tour company, providing end-to-end travel related services across the Indian subcontinent and Asia to our worldwide client base.
Known to create personalised and bespoke travel experiences, we like to concentrate on natural heritage combined with the living and built heritage. 

Our tours are experiential, sustainable and sensitive to local cultures, climates and cuisines. Each destination on offer is thoroughly researched by our team of knowledgeable experts and we do our best to match client interests with the best of local, authentic culture, cuisine, sights and activities. All this, while ensuring, that our local partners offer the highest quality.

Our tours are competitively priced and most of all we are passionate about India and the subcontinent. Our success is measured by the feedback of our clients.

Responsible Travel

We are deeply conscious as tour operators to include environmental best practices in our tours. Our mission, in fact, is to sensitise travellers to appreciate, protect and nurture their natural and built environments. We are conscious that irresponsible travel can be damaging and therefore try and choose hotel chains and smaller properties that follow stricter environmental norms and practises. We like to support local economies and encourage innovations, while offering support and donations to suitable projects. Most of our tours offer integrated experiences like village visits, wildlife and wellness experiences. Walking tours and eco tours with light adventure have also featured in many of our itineraries. It is our endeavour to constantly learn and evolve.