Wildnest is about the idea of providing a nest, a temporary home, in the wild. Wildnest Travel and Photography is co-founded by nature lovers and eminent photographers. With over ten years' experience extensively exploring and photographing wildlife in India, we look forward to sharing our experiences and knowledge and making your journey exceptional and memorable for life.

We specialise in wildlife tours to various wildlife sanctuaries, national parks and tiger reserves throughout India, and help people explore and capture in the most ingenious ways, the amazing biodiversity, flora and fauna they offer.

All the tour packages planned at Wildnest are designed personally by our team of renowned photographers keeping in mind all the requisites to provide high quality wildlife experiences and photographic opportunities.

Our Services:
• Nature and Photography tours
• Customised tours
• Corporate tours

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Responsible Travel

We believe that we all can contribute to the conservation of nature if each one of us consciously decides to help in our own small ways. But this will come out best if people feel a “connect” with nature. Our aim is to act as this link. And that we do by organising tours and exposing as many people as possible to the beautiful world of nature and wildlife. We promote eco-friendly tourism and practices throughout and try to minimise carbon footprints as much as possible. We also support and acquaint tourists with local communities and culture wherever possible.