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Far Frontiers Travel offers a bespoke travel service to all areas of India including Rajasthan and Kerala, Gujarat, Ladakh, Sikkim and combination holidays with Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. Clients may choose to focus on culture, wildlife, riding, or trekking in the Himalayas. Call and speak to Fiona. You can expect a highly personal service from her. She will talk to you in detail about the areas you would like to visit and the experiences you'd like to include and will quickly come up with a personalised and memorable itinerary. Whether you want top end boutique accommodation, quirky old palaces or off the beaten track experiences which bring you close to life in rural communities, Fiona will create the perfect trip. Her particular speciality is multi- country itineraries so If you want to combine India with a neighbouring country she'll be delighted to help you. Fiona's career in travel began 20 years ago so she has plenty to say! Do call for more details on Tel/Fax: (+ 44) 01837 840640 or email fiona@farfrontiers.com

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