Mantra Wild Adventures

We craft inspiring wilderness journeys that peel back the layers of India, a country we know and love.

These are very personalised itineraries and the contacts we have allow you to access areas and experiences that are truly unique. Our motto is travel on purpose - many of our clients are seeking more than "seeing" a destination; on their return they tell us their trip has been life changing for them.

That's why we do what we do.

Responsible Travel

In 2008, Founder of Mantra Wild, Reena Tory, witnessed the aftermath of a rhino poaching. An event which changed her life. As a result, she set up her company Mantra Wild Adventures - a unique way to show her India to the world, while positively impacting the communities, people and environment in India. We are particularly interested in supporting and empowering local communities living near the national parks to conserve and protect the environment and allowing travellers to witness this process.

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