Viv's India

Being different is our forté: wildlife our passion, finding the path less taken and the wildlife less tame, the hill tribes more primitive and the temples less frequented.... is our aim.

We hope to share with you our passion and enthusiasm for Incredible India and hope that you take the opportunity to visit one of the world’s most exciting travel destinations.

Responsible Travel

Tourism should be a positive force and our sense of responsibility when recommending clients a wilderness experience, is to make them aware of the footsteps they are taking. For many this means changing travel habits to assessing our impact on the environment and local cultures by acting in a positive way to benefit the destination. To do our best to touch nature in a way that will give back to the ecosystems around us. It is therefore in our interest to include a donation that will support the lodges, camps, national parks, and guardians that will benefit local communities by providing employment and understanding of their worthiness. We like to think locally, tread lightly and wisely and leave without a trace, but thoroughly satisfied! We are a little on the wild side!

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