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From Indian sun bears and crocodiles to bison, antelope, snakes and Asian elephants, the country comprises an enthralling melting pot of wildlife, protected by over 120 national parks, bio reserves and wildlife sanctuaries. Yet despite the amount of native wildlife that call this vast country home, one creature in particular continually steals the headlines. Over 70% of the world’s population of  Royal Bengal Tigers reside in India’s jungles and national parks. At Western & Oriental, our India experts love this extraordinary nation of colour and can offer expert advice on when to go, where to stay and how best to spot incredible creatures in the wild. We’re also dedicated to raising awareness and promoting conservation projects within the country and in partnership with a selection of hotels and resorts.

Everything we suggest or recommend is based on the real experiences of our India experts. Our team have visited every hotel and national park we feature. They’ve travelled across deserts, through jungles, up mountains and up rivers to find highlights above and beyond the ordinary. What our experts bring to each destination apart from a fountain of knowledge is a passion for India.

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Responsible Travel

Western & Oriental are proud to be a member of TOFTigers (Travel Operators for Tigers), supporting the conservation of natural habitats and encouraging a responsible approach to tiger tourism in India. This conservation and safeguarding work not only ensures better experiences for you as a traveller, but also secures a future for tigers, communities, wildlife and forests throughout India for generations to come.

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