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Zigi Tours is an independent luxury tour operator based in London,United Kingdom.We offer a wide variety of holiday experiences to select destinations.We specialise in the Indian subcontinent and offer an array of travel motifs. Luxury train journeys,Spa and wellness breaks,Cultural exploration and experiential travel are some of the travel experiences guests can enjoy. Every element of a Zigi Tour package is designed and handpicked to your preference to give you a seamless holiday experience.Our small group tours have a little twist for people who love to travel.By giving authentic touches and a little extras you will experience the true character of each destination.

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Responsible Travel

We love to travel and share our experiences. As a small luxury tour operator, we strongly feel that one must respect and try and preserve the socio-cultural, environmental and economic balances of the destinations we offer. Our global wildlife needs to be protected and all sectors of society must be engaged in this endeavour for future generations to enjoy the mesmerizing natural beauty of the wild. By supporting TOFTigers, we are contributing to the cause of wildlife conservation which is also the need of the hour and spreading the importance of " Responsible Tourism".

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