India, neighbours agree to conduct joint tiger census

18 December 2017

New Delhi: Starting a new chapter in tiger conservation efforts, India and its neighbours Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh have decided to conduct a joint census of their tiger population. 
The Indian sub-continent is home to about 80-90% of world’s tiger population and experts feel a joint census will lead to not only more verified numbers but also greater coordination and conservation efforts among the four nations.  
The countries agreed to the move at a meeting last week of officials of the four nations and members of the Global Tiger Forum, an international body that works for tiger conservation across the globe. The four neighbouring countries have decided to come out with the first-ever joint tiger estimation report of the Indian subcontinent.  
“It was a successful meeting. The officials decided that the four nations will now together count their tigers. It will result in better estimation of their population as there are tiger habitats that fall in two countries like Sundarbans,” said S.P. Yadav, an Indian Forest Service officer and assistant secretary general at the Global Tiger Forum, an inter-governmental organization dedicated to tiger conservation. 
“All neighbouring countries Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and India will follow the same protocol using camera traps which will result in much precise and accurate estimates of tiger numbers. The GTF will coordinate with these countries to build up their capacity to take on this challenging task,” Yadav added.

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