What’s hobbling the global effort to save the tiger?

02 March 2018

The Indian Express

In 2010, 13 countries committed to doubling big cat numbers. A survey seeking an information baseline has sent out an urgent wake-up call, even though India has not done too badly

In November 2010, the first “Tiger Summit” in St Petersburg, Russia, endorsed a Global Tiger Recovery Programme aimed at reversing the rapid decline of tigers, and doubling their numbers by 2022. India was one of the 13 tiger range countries that participated in the gathering, at which leaders committed to “drawing up action plans to strengthen reserves, crack down on poachers and provide financial assistance to maintain a thriving tiger population”.

A continuing crisis

A rapid survey across 112 tiger conservation areas in 11 range countries has now shown that at least a third of these areas are at severe risk of losing their tigers due to poor management. Three of the 13 countries, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia have lost all their tigers. The survey was carried out by Conservation Assured | Tiger Standards (CA | TS) support group members, experts, and government officials, covering “approximately 70% of the global wild tiger population across over 20,000 km of the tiger range”.

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