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New report highlights nature tourism’s role in India’s Tiger conservation efforts, even though international visits are down

A new study by one of India’s leading tiger ecologists, funded by TOFTigers published last month, highlights the valuable role wildlife tourism is playing in securing the long term future of the tiger and its forest habitats in the wild. However, the report also highlights that international tourism has dropped by almost 50% in the last five years in central India, despite India being home to some of the world’s most beloved cats, so immortalized in Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’. Read more..

Four Tiger reserves in Madhya Pradesh together contribute 75 Crores to the community and 19 Crores to the Government – Says Wildlife Report

A new study documents both financial and other key benefits that wildlife tourism brings to Madhya Pradesh’s tiger reserves and some of the communities living around them. A report, “The Value of Wildlife Tourism for Conservation and Communities” was launched by Dr Raghu Chundawat at an event in Delhi today. The report records the results of a recent in depth study around four Tiger Reserves in Central India. Read more..

Full page coverage of TOFTigers’ Good Wildlife Travel Guide in Today’s Traveller magazine

Great full page coverage of TOFTigers’ Good Wildlife Travel Guide in Today’s Traveller magazine and the merits of booking a tiger-spotting trip with conservation at its heart via our membership. Read more..


Hot on the heels of the tourism ban in 2012 by Delhi’s Supreme Court, the TOFTigers initiative has published the second edition of its TOFTigers Good Wildlife Travel Guide to India today. Read more..

Congres: Nederlandse ‘Travel Operators for Tigers’

Travel Operators for Tigers, TOFT, is een natuurbeschermingsinitiatief, opgericht door een groep betrokken touroperators uit Engeland die de tijger in rap tempo in aantal zagen teruglopen. Intussen heeft TOFT meer dan 150 leden wereldwijd. Read more..