Sanctuary TOFTigers Wildlife Tourism Awards 2014

India’s premier wildlife magazine, Sanctuary Asia and the nature tourism action charity, TOFTigers, combined to bring together the 3rd Sanctuary TOFTigers Wildlife Tourism Awards 2014. They aimed to highlight and reward the very best in the nature tourism field; those individuals, businesses, service providers and community enterprises who are leading the way in Indian subcontinent wilderness destinations. Each in their own way are pioneering new ways to support and inspire wildlife conservation, engage local communities and help restoration of wildlife habitat through their vision, drive and actions.

Mike Pandey"It is an honour to again be Chairman of the 3rd Sanctuary TOFTigers Wildlife Tourism Awards 2014.

With our new Government’s commitment to use tourism as a development and job creation tool, it’s more critical than ever that it’s driven down a sustainable path, and real ecotourism is one of the principal ways of ensuring conservation as well as a sustainable source of revenue for both local communities and the Government.

It is more important than ever to recognise those who work towards a sustainable future for the tiger, the environment and for the local communities who need to survive alongside our many endangered species."

Mike Pandey - Chairman of the Awards (TV presenter, Film Maker and Conservationist)

The Aims of the Awards are to:

TOFT Awards 2014 Banner

  • Act as a beacon to the Global Tourist Industry, highlighting the important work being done by tourism in support of tiger conservation.
  • Increase public awareness of the value of responsible tourism as an agent of conservation and habitat renewal.
  • Reward and encourage best practice operations.
  • Encourage sustainability in tourism enterprises.
  • Promote community enterprise and community initiatives around Tiger Parks.

Judging Panel

The awards have a very eminent group of experts that decided the winners and runners up of each category. Chosen for their expertise, details of the panel can be seen here.

Award Categories

TOFT Awards 2014 Categories

Awards Categories include:

  • The John Wakefield Memorial Award for Most Inspirational Eco Lodge of the Year 2014
  • The Billy Arjun Singh Memorial Award for Best Wildlife Guide of the Year 2014
    (also carries INR 20,000 prize)
  • Lodge Naturalist of the Year 2014
    (also carries INR 25,000 prize)
  • Visitor Friendly Wildlife Destination of the Year 2014
    (also carries a prize INR 75,000 worth of kit or equipment to be used in tiger protection/conservation)
  • Wildlife Promotion Company of the Year 2014
  • Wildlife Tourism Related Community Initiative of the Year 2014
    (also carries a prize of INR 50,000)
  • Wildlife and Tourism Initiative of the Year 2014
    (also carries a prize of INR 50,000 towards equipment/services for the benefit of the community)
  • International Wildlife Tour Operator of the Year 2014

Timetable of the Awards

TOFT Awards 2014 Timetable

  • Completed Entry Forms must be received by midnight on the 18th July 2014
  • Short listed applicants will be notified by mid August 2014
  • Final information must be received by end of August 2014
  • The Judges will convene from 1st September 2014
  • The Winners and Runners Up will be announced on the 19th September 2014 at an Gala award ceremony in Delhi. This is an invitation only event.

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Sponsorship of the Sanctuary TOFTigers Wildlife Tourism Awards 2014

TOFT Awards 2014 Sponsorship

The TOFT Wildlife Tourism Award are a celebration of what has been achieved so far, and perhaps more importantly, are an inspiration for what can be done in the future. These awards will be a high profile event and will draw International and national media attention, potentially including TV. A glossy multiple page insert in the October 2014 issue of Sanctuary Asia magazine has already been agreed, and other media partnerships and publicity will be exploited.

We invite you to be associated with the “Most Prestigious” Award ceremony in the Wildlife Tourism sector. Join a ground breaking Travel Trade Initiative celebrating the people, communities and companies who make such an important contribution to sustainability and to tiger conservation in India.

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The Awards are an important business to business networking opportunity and are supported by some of the most important players in the Global Travel Trade. They are also an opportunity to gain powerful International media coverage, working in association with the Award programme’s media partners. Tiger Tourism attracts high demographic profile customers, and tiger conservation is a subject attracting significant public attention. TOFT members are responsible for some 10,000 tiger viewing trips (from outside India) a year and ten times this in domestic visitors.

And, finally, of course the TOFT Awards are also a great opportunity to be seen to support one of the world’s most iconic and endangered species!

2016 Awards

Details on the 2016 Awards, eligibility and an nomination form will be published after the awards in September.