Tiger Nation

What is Tiger Nation?

vibrant community of people who love wildlife and are on a mission: to find and follow all of India’s remaining wild tigers, and bring their fascinating stories to wildlife lovers everywhere.

Using extraordinary technology, the power of social media, and the world’s leading experts, Tiger Nation is embracing a new way of conserving our precious wildlife. It’s called ‘people powered’ conservation, and it’s a wildly ambitious project – in every sense. And it needs your help.

How does it work?

We use the thousands of eyes, ears and voices of people who work in, live by or visit the wildlife parks and sanctuaries of India every year, all feeding a ‘three-headed beast':

  • A website that feeds us tiger information and photos, and you can see and read about the action and drama of the parks every day, every week, every year.
  • ID software that recognises tigers by their unique stripe pattern - just like fingerprints!
  • A massive database that catalogues every tiger photograph we receive, every sighting we hear about, and every drama in the wild.

Sign up now – Its free to view and contribute your photos and experiences if you are going to a tiger park.

Go to www.tigernation.org